10 Free Courses on AI Offered by Microsoft


January 08, 2024


Start with the basics. Explore Microsoft's introductory course on AI to grasp foundational concepts and applications.


Machine Learning Essentials

Master the fundamentals of machine learning. Learn how to build and deploy machine learning models with Microsoft's free course.


Deep Learning Explained

Delve into deep learning. Explore neural networks and their applications in this insightful Microsoft course.


Natural Language Processing

Uncover the power of NLP. Learn how to work with text data and language models in this essential course.


Computer Vision Basics

See through the eyes of AI. Explore computer vision fundamentals and image analysis with Microsoft's free course.


Reinforcement Learning

Unlock the secrets of reinforcement learning. Dive into dynamic decision-making with Microsoft's comprehensive course.


Ethics in AI

Navigate AI ethics. Learn about responsible AI development and ethical considerations in this vital course.


AI for Accessibility

Empower through AI. Discover how AI can enhance accessibility for individuals with disabilities in this impactful course.


Conversational AI

Converse with AI. Explore the world of chatbots and conversational agents in Microsoft's free course.


AI for Healthcare

Heal with AI. Learn how AI is transforming healthcare with applications like disease prediction and patient care.


Tips for Success

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