The Main Problems Of Modern Video Games

The Main Problems Of Modern Video Games

More and more gamers around the world are facing problems that make it less and less desirable to return to their favorite game.

Bugs and glitches

The first and quite weighty obvious reason to stop playing is “bugs” and “glitches”, that is, serious and not very shortcomings that have been in games since the day they were created. Some of the bugs have become the main features of the games. In most modern games, bugs in the code are proof that developers release games as quickly as possible, do not pay enough attention to testing, and care little about the quality of the final product at the time of release, hoping to fix the bugs identified by the players with future patches.

Greedy developers and publishers

Another downside is that video games have become a multi-million dollar business that is all about making a profit. They affect the quality and timing of project development – most often companies release games with an interval of 1-2 years, and fans and fans are waiting for new products – something that no one has ever seen before, but due to the tight deadlines, the quality of such products suffer greatly. Of course, in a year or two, game creators can keep up with the pace, but the next game needs to be even better, and developers need to outdo their previous creation without disappointing fans.

It’s all about progress

The next problem, oddly enough, is technological progress. Every year, developers try to recreate complex graphics, the physics of characters’ faces, etc. in games. In a word, they are trying to make the game more alive and close to reality. And for this, you need to write a new graphics engine – a financially costly and time-consuming business because it requires expensive equipment, powerful hardware that will pull out any task, highly qualified programmers, and very expensive licensed software. And all these costs, in the end, are directly reflected in the cost of the final product.

Without changes

One of the main problems, like a bad disease that has swallowed video games, is that game franchises, including popular ones, even commercial ones that are decades old, do not want to change. Players get the same game experience year after year, and developers work on the same game mechanics year after year, improving the graphics. It’s numbing. One book on the development of brain activity says: everyone who does not want to go dumb should not do the same thing (watch movies, play games) for a long time. Let it be at least the best game in the world – a maximum of a couple of times to replay and no more – go to something else.

Just donate

Probably the most disgusting thing is that in a free multiplayer game, donation changes everything. Unpaid players will always lose in a fight with those who have invested real money in cool guns, engines, and superpowers. And often there are skirmishes between donators and those who are not ready to shell out their last hard-earned money for cool guns, more powerful engines, superpowers, and premium accounts.