TCS NQT 2023 Interview Questions, English and Programming Set 1

TCS HackQuest Season 8
TCS HackQuest Season 8

Looking for Interview Questions of TCS? If Yes, here you will get complete details about TCS NQT 2023 Interview Questions, English and Programming Set 1

In this article TCS NQT 2023 Interview Questions you will get all the sample and frequently asked questions, which will help you in attending TCS NQT exam.

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TCS NQT English Test Pattern

Here are some details about the latest TCS NQT English section.

  • TCS NQT English Section Duration: 15 minutes
  • Number of questions: 10
  • Negative marking: No

English Syllabus: TCS NQT 2023 Interview Questions

TCS has not officially announced the TCS NQT English Syllabus. But based on the recent TCS NQT off campus drive conducted for 2019 batch & TCS NQT 2018, We suggests students to concentrate on the below topics.

  • Cloze Passages
  • Sentence Completion
  • Para Jumbles
  • Tenses
  • Direct & Indirect Speech
  • Prepositions

English: TCS NQT 2023 Interview Questions

Q. 1) A greenhouse is a glass-covered structure (1) __________ (uses, using, used) to grow plants. It has transparent glass that allows sunlight to pass (2) ________ (out, though, inside), but does not allow the heat inside to escape. The same (3) ________ (effect, affect) occurs on the earth. The (4) ________ (sun’s, suns, sun) radiation (5) __________(passes, passing) through the atmosphere to heat the earth’s surface. When heated, the earth’s surface produces infrared radiation, which has a longer wavelength than that of sunlight. This infrared radiation rises into the atmosphere where gases, such as carbon dioxide,(6) ____________(prevents, prevent, prevented) the infrared radiation from escaping into space. The concentrations of these gases,(7) __________(that, those, which) are called greenhouse gases, control how much-infrared radiation escapes.

Q. 2) Chatbots are now part of1) ________cultural narrative and are 2) _________even more sophisticated. It is hard to find3) __________who has not had an interaction with a chatbot or virtual assistant. As chatbots and virtual assistants4) _______more sophisticated, they5) _______to respond with increasing empathy and personalization,6) ________tracking the customer7) _______. Whether voice or text activated, bots8) _______able to help users find9) _________and answers 24 X 7, on any device or channel faster than ever10) _________. In fact, more and more people are rating messaging as a top choice for customer service.

Q. 3) Technology has 1) ______our lives and influenced nearly2) ______industry, including fitness. From apps to wearables, technology is constantly3) _______the way4) ______fitness industry functions. Mobile technology, fitness wearables and data, and smart equipment5) _______shaping the way health clubs6) ________equipment manufacturers operate today. Engaging members via mobile with digital fitness challenges, reward programs, push notifications and wearable integration not only7) _________fitness operators to8) _______existing relationships with clients9) _______also build10) _______them.

Q. 4) Rainforests1) ____a wide variety of ecosystems services, from regulating rainfall to purifying groundwater and keeping fertile soil from2) ______;deforestation in one area can seriously damage food production and3) _______to clean water in an entire region. The value of global ecosystem services4) _______estimated at 33 trillion USD each year (almost half of global GDP),5)______these services have been taken for granted without a mechanism to make the market reflect their value. Rainforests are also a home and6) _______of income for a huge number of people in Africa, AsiaandSouth America.7) ______this, economic pressures frequently drive both logical communities8) _______national governments in the developing world to9) _______these forests in ways that are unsustainable, clear-cutting vast areas10) ______fuel, timber, mining or agricultural land.

Q. 5) In recent years, there have been a lot of talk about cloud computing and cloud storage. Almost everything in the digital world _____Q1_____ connected to the cloud in some way or other-unless it is kept in local storage for security reasons. A tech giants and startups ____Q2____ new ways to organize, process and present data, cloud computing ___Q3____ become a more and more integral part of our lives. So what is cloud computing? And what is the impact of cloud computing on future business strategies? Cloud computing is the ____Q4___ of using network of remote servers ___Q5___ on the internet to store manage and process data, rather than a local server or personal computer.


  1. are
  2. is
  3. was


  1. founded
  2. found
  3. find


  1. would
  2. will
  3. shall


  1. Practices
  2. Practicing
  3. Practice


  1. hosting
  2. hosted
  3. host

Q. 6) The internet Of Things (IOT) is ____Q6___ rapidly evolving technology, and ___Q7____ any other technology, it can ____Q8____ challenges with respect to ___Q9____ implementation and management. Given the ____Q10____ inter connectivity required, and the large volumes of data generated, setting up an IOT ecosystem can be a complex task.


  1. the
  2. an
  3. a


  1. likeness
  2. like
  3. likely


  1. pose
  2. position
  3. post


  1. Its
  2. It is
  3. Its


  1. advancing
  2. advanced
  3. advance

Q. 7) Human-machine collaboration ___Q11___ the production line has become ____Q12____ flexible, versatile and therefore more productive. Todays robots are much more capable of ___Q13___ tasks that they could not perform well earlier such as ___Q14__ around object placed __Q15___ and sorting out complex writing issues in industries like aerospace.


  1. at
  2. two
  3. on


  1. more
  2. most
  3. much


  1. learned
  2. learn
  3. learning


  1. move
  2. moving
  3. to move


  1. Chaotically
  2. Chaos
  3. Chaotic

Aptitude: TCS NQT 2023 Interview Questions

TCS Aptitude section consists of 15 questions which need to be solved in 30 minutes. TCS aptitude questions will be asked from the below-given topics.

  • Averages
  • Mixtures & Allegations
  • Percentages
  • Permutations & Combinations
  • Profit and loss
  • Algebra
  • Ratio and proportions
  • Probability
  • Time, speed, distance
  • Time and Work
  • Functions
  • Geometry
  • Numbers

TCS NQT 2023 Interview Questions Set 1 (Standard section)

1) A^B means A raised to the power B. If f(x) = ax^4 – bx^2 + x + 5 and f(-3) = 2, then f(3) = ?

  1. 3
  2. 8
  3. -2
  4. 1

2) 1/4 of the tank contains fuel. When 11 liters of the fuel is poured into the tank, the indicator rests at the 1/2 mark. Find the capacity of the tank in liters.

  1. 44
  2. 36
  3. 6
  4. 8

3) You have been given a physical balance and 7 weights of 47, 46, 43, 48, 49, 42, and 77 kgs. Keeping weights on one pan and object on the other, what is the maximum you can weigh less than 178 kgs.

  1. 172
  2. 174
  3. 175
  4. 177

4) How many 6-digit even numbers can be formed from the digits 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 so that the digits should not repeat and the second last digit is even?

  1. 320
  2. 6480
  3. 2160
  4. 720

5) Out of a group of swans, 7/2 times the square root of the total number are playing on the shore of the pond. The remaining 2 are inside the pond. Find the total number of swans.

  1. 16
  2. 25
  3. 4
  4. 9

6) In a village, every weekend, three-eighth of the men and one-third of the women participate in a social activity. If the total number of participants is 54, and out of them 18 are men then the total number of men and women in the village is:

  1. 180
  2. 156
  3. 204
  4. 228

7) If M is 30% of Q, Q is 20% of P, and N is 50% of P, then M/N = ?

  1. 6/5
  2. 4/3
  3. 3/25
  4. 3/250

8) There are 20 persons among whom two are sisters. Find the number of ways in which we can arrange them around a circle so that there is exactly one person between two sisters? Please note that the exact position on the circle does not matter (no seat numbers are marked on the circle), and only the relative positions of the people matter.

  1. 2! * 19!
  2. None of these
  3. 2 * 18!
  4. 18!

9) Find the length of the longest pole that can be placed in an indoor stadium 24m long, 18m wide and 16m high.

  1. 36m
  2. 34m
  3. 30m
  4. 25m

10) Of a set of 30 numbers, the average of first 10 numbers is equal to the average of last 20 numbers. Then the sum of the last 20 numbers is:

  1. Sum of first ten numbers
  2. 2 X sum of the first ten numbers
  3. Cannot be determined with the given data
  4. 2 x sum of last ten numbers

11) Thomas takes 7 days to paint a house completely whereas Raj would require 9 days to paint the same house completely. How many days will it take to paint the house if both of them work together (give answers to the nearest integer)?

  1. 4 days
  2. 2 days
  3. 5 days
  4. 3 days

12) The University of Vikramasila has enrolled nine Ph.D. candidates: Babu, Chitra, Dheeraj, Eesha, Farooq, Gowri, Hameed, Iqbal, Jacob.

– Farooq and Iqbal were enrolled on the same day as each other, and no one else was enrolled that day.

– Chitra and Gowri were enrolled on the same day as each other, and no one else was enrolled that day.

– On each of the other days of hiring, exactly one candidate was enrolled.

– Eesha was enrolled before Babu.

– Hameed was enrolled before Dheeraj.

– Dheeraj was enrolled after Iqbal but before Eesha.

– Gowri was enrolled after both Jacob and Babu.

– Babu was enrolled before Jacob.

Who were the last two candidates to be enrolled?

  1. Eesha and Jacob
  2. Babu and Chitra
  3. Gowri and Chitra
  4. Babu and Gowri

13) In a certain city, 60 percent of the registered voters are Party A supporters and the rest are Party B supporters. In an assembly election, if 75% of the registered Party A supporters and 20% of the registered Party B supporters are expected to vote for Candidate A, what percent of the registered voters are expected to vote for Candidate A?

  1. 20
  2. 60
  3. 75
  4. 53

14) When 100 is to be successively divided by 6, 3, 4, first divide 100 by 6. Then divide the quotient 16 by 3. Then divide the quotient 5 by 4.

A number when successively divided by 5, 3, 2 gives the remainder of 0, 2 and 1 respectively in that order. What will be the remainders when the same number is divided successively by 2, 3 and 5 in that order?

  1. 4, 1, 2
  2. 1, 0, 4
  3. 2, 1, 3
  4. 4, 3, 2

15) Professor Nitwit obtains a hash number of a given positive integer > 3 as follows. He subtracts 2 from the number (to get the new number),and multiplies the new number by 2 to get a term. He repeats this with the new number (to get newer numbers and terms) until the number becomes 2 or 1. The hash is defined as the sum of all the terms generated in this process.

For example, with the number 5, he multiplies (5-2 =3) by 2 to get the first term 6. He multiplies (3-2=1) by 2 to get the second term 2. As the number has become 1, he stops. The hash is the sum of the two terms (6+2) or 8.

If professor Nitwit is given 3 numbers 4, 9 and 13, what is the sum of the hash numbers he obtains for the three numbers?

Programming: TCS NQT 2023 Interview Questions

1. Given a code in C language/pseudocode, Identify the functionality of the code.

2. Given a code in C language/pseudocode, identify the bug (syntactic/ semantic) in the code.

3. Conceptual Questions in programming

4. Elementary algorithms based questions

5. Elementary data structures based questions

6. Questions based on basics of C language

7. Basic Concepts behind compiling, linking, OS

Programming MCQs (Standard section): TCS NQT 2023 Interview Questions


int main(intargc, char **argv)
char **items;
int j = 3, i;
items =argv;
for(i = 1; (i%4); i++)
int **p = &items[j];
printf("%c", **p);
return 0;

The above code is run with three command line parameters mentioned here:

Paper Ink Pen

What will be the output of the above program?

  1. PIP
  2. Pen
  3. Pap
  4. Ink

2) Improper formation of which of the following data-structures can cause un-intentional looping of a program that uses it.

  1. Linked list
  2. Array
  3. Queue
  4. Stack

3) What is the data type that occupies the least storage in “C” language?

Please give the answer in the blank line: __________

4) Which of the following is true?

  1. Array is a dynamic data structure whose size can be changed while stacks are static data structures whose sizes are fixed.
  2. Array elements can be accessed and modified(elements can be added or removed) only at the ends of the array while any elements of the stack can be accessed or modified randomly through their indices.
  3. An array can have elements of different data types.
  4. Elements of a linked-list can be accessed only sequentially.

5) Which of the following statements is FALSE?

  1. The time complexity of binary search is O(log n).
  2. A linear search requires a sorted list.
  3. A binary search can operate only on a sorted list.
  4. The time complexity of linear search is O(n).

6) Eesha wrote a function fact( ) in “C” language to calculate factorial of a given number and saved the file as fact.c. She forgot to code the main function to call this fact function. Will she be able to compile this fact.c without the main() function?

  1. Yes, she can compile provided the compiler option -no strict-checking is enabled.
  2. No, she can not compile as the main function is required to compile any C program file.
  3. Yes, she can compile as main( ) is not required at compile time.
  4. Yes, she can compile and run as the system will supply default values to fact function.

7) The difference between variable declaration and variable definition is:

  1. Declaration and definition are the same. There is no difference.
  2. A declaration is used for variables and definitions is used for functions.
  3. Declaration associates type to the variable whereas definition associates scope to the variable.
  4. Declaration associates type to the variable whereas definition gives the value to the variable.

Programming Concepts (Advanced Section): TCS NQT 2021 Interview Questions

1) The in order and pre order traversal of a binary tree are db ea fc g and a bd ec f g, respectively. The post-order traversal of the binary tree is:

  1. d eb fg c a
  2. de fgb ca
  3. e db fg ca
  4. e db gf c a

2) Eesha wrote a recursive function that takes the first node in a linked list as an argument, reverses the list, returning the first Node in the result. The pseudo code for this function is given below. However, she did not get the correct result. In which line number did she make a mistake?

Please give the answer in the blank line: ____________

  public Node reverse(Node first)
if (first == null) return null;
if ( == null) return first;
Node second =;
Node rest = reverse (second); = first; = null;

3) The longest common subsequence (LCS) problem is the problem of finding the longest subsequence common to a set of sequences (often just two sequences). A subsequence is a sequence that can be derived from another sequence by deleting some or no elements without changing the order of the remaining elements. One form of implementation of LCS function is given below. The function takes as input sequences X[1…m] and Y[1…n], computes the length of the Longest common subsequence between X[1..i] and Y[1..j] for all 1<i<m and 1<j<n, and stores it in C[i,j]. C[m,n] will contain the length of the LCS of X and Y.

function LCSLength(X[1..m], Y[1..n])
C = array(0..m, 0..n)
for i:= 0..m
C[i,0] =0
for j := 0..n
C[0,j] = 0d
for i := 1..m
for j := 1..n
if X[i] = Y[j]
C[i,j] := C[i-1, j-1] + 1
C[i,j] := max(C[i, j-1], C[i-1, j])
return C[m, n]

Eesha used the above algorithm to calculate the LCS length between “kitten” and “string”. What was the result she got? Please give the answer in the blank line. ___________

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