100 Easy General Knowledge Questions And Answers | GK Questions With Answers In English

100 Easy General Knowledge Questions And Answers
100 Easy General Knowledge Questions And Answers

100 Easy General Knowledge Questions And Answers | GK Questions With Answers In English | GK Questions With Answers | General Knowledge Questions And Answers | Question And Answer General Knowledge | GK Questions And Answers

100 Easy General Knowledge Questions And Answers:

Check below some gk questions with answers. All topics are covered as per the questions asked in school-level entrance exams and general quizzes. It will improve GK skills and also enhance subjective knowledge.

Here’s all the gk questions in english with answers. Students must know what is happening around them as having general knowledge can also help them to prepare for many competitive exams as well.

GK questions for class 1 to 8 with answers

GK questions for class 1

  1. There are ________ months in a year.

Ans: 12 months

2. The baby of a cat is called a _______.

Ans: Kitten

3. Independence Day of India is celebrated on _______.

Ans: 15th August

4. How many colors are there in a rainbow?

Ans: 7

5  _______ is the tallest animal on the earth.

Ans: Giraffe

6. How many days are there in a year?

Ans: 365

7. Which festival is also known as “Festival of Lights”?

Ans: Diwali

8. How many letters are there in the English alphabet?

Ans: 26 letters

9. Which is the fastest land animal on earth?

Ans: Cheetah

10. How many zeros are there in a two-thousand rupee note?

Ans: 3 (Three)

Easy GK questions for class 2 with answers

  1. What is the capital city of India?

Ans: New Delhi

2. What is a baby frog called?

Ans: Tadpole

3. Baby of a dog is called__________

Ans: Puppy

4. Who is Sachin Tendulkar?

Ans: Indian Cricketer

5. Where is Taj Mahal located in India?

Ans: Agra

6. What do you call the person who brings a letter to your home from post office?

Ans: Postman

7. How do you relate to your maternal grandfather?

Ans: Mother’s father

8. We smell with our _______

Ans: Nose

GK questions for class 3 with answers(g k questions for class 3rd)

  1. A polygon with 5 sides is called a _________.

Ans: Pentagon

2. What is the young one of a kangaroo called?

Ans: Joey

3. Which is the largest country in the world, in terms of area?

Ans: Russia

4. The two holes on the nose through which we breathe are called _________.

Ans: Nostrils

5. In which country did the game, chess, originate?

Ans: India

6. The wheel in the center of Indian national flag has _____ spokes.

Ans: 24

7. Who is the author of Harry Potter series of books?

Ans: J.K. Rowling

8. Any number multiplied by zero is ________.

Ans: Zero

9. Which is the largest four-digit number?

Ans: 9999

10. Who was the first person to land on the moon?

Ans: Neil Armstrong

GK questions for class 4 with answers(gk questions of class 4th/ class 4th gk)

  1. Who authored the book ‘The Story of My Experiments with Truth’?

Ans: Mahatma Gandhi

2. Which is the largest hot desert in the World?

Ans: Sahara Desert

3. Which is the human body’s largest organ?

Ans: Skin

4. Which is the biggest animal on earth?

Ans: Blue Whale

5. When is the National Girl Child Day in India celebrated?

Ans: 24th January

6. Who is known as the Nightingale of India?

Ans: Sarojini Naidu

7. Who invented the light bulb?

Ans: Thomas Alva Edison

8. Which planet is also known as the red planet in our solar system?

Ans: Mars

9. How many states are in India _________

Ans: 28

10. What are two types of eclipses?

Ans: Solar eclipse and lunar eclipse

GK questions for class 5 to 7 with answers

GK questions for class 5 with answers

1, Who is the author of the book ‘Wings of Fire’?

Ans: APJ Abdul Kalam and Arun Tiwari.

2. Which is the national bird of the United States of America?

Ans: Bald Eagle

3. Name the Father of the Indian Constitution?

Ans: Dr. B. R. Ambedkar

4. Name the largest ocean in the world.

Ans: Pacific.

5. Samsung is the company of which country?

Ans: South Korea.

6. Victoria Memorial is located in which city?

Ans: Kolkata.

7. Name one famous crop of Assam?

Ans: Tea.

8. Name one cash crop.

Ans: Tea, Jute, Sugarcane, Cotton, and Tobacco, etc.

9. Name the seven colours of the Rainbow?

Ans. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.

10. 1024 Kilobytes is equal to……….

Ans. 1 Megabyte (MB)

GK questions for class 6 with answers pdf

1. __________ is known as the City of Lakes in India?

Ans: Udaipur

2. In which year did Gandhiji start the Quit India Movement?

Ans: 1942

3. What is the rank of India in the world according to the area?

Ans: 7th

4. When is National Youth Day celebrated?

Ans: 12th Jan

5. How many members were there in the Constituent Assembly in the starting?

Ans: 389

6. Who founded the Chola dynasty?

Ans. Vijayalaya

7. Zero is a positive or a negative number. Explain?

Ans. Zero is neither a positive nor a negative number.

8. When did the First World War take place?

Ans. 1914

9. In which country did cannabis originate?

Ans. China

10. Name one famous slogan given by Mahatma Gandhi.

Ans: Do or Die

GK questions with answers for class 7

1. What are the names of four Vedas?

Ans  Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samaveda, and Atharvaveda

2. Who has the authority to declare a “Global Emergency”?

Ans. World Health Organisation (WHO)

3. Sports day is celebrated on?

Ans:  August 29

4. The square root of 1296 is?

Ans 36

5. Which epic is supposed to have happened before – Mahabharata or Ramayana?

Ans Ramayana

6. Where is Ranthambore National Park situated?

Ans Rajasthan

7. Mohenjo-Daro Site of Indus Valley Civilization was associated with which river?

Ans Indus

8. Which District of India has the maximum area and is in which state?

Ans. Kachchh, Gujarat

9. If the population of any species has declined by 80 to more than 90 % and has less than 50 individual populations, then it is considered as?

Ans. Critically Endangered

10. What is the capital of Argentina from where the famous football player Lionel Messi belongs?

Ans. Buenos Aires

10 GK questions with answers

  1. You must have used the UPI facility. What does this mean?

Ans. Unified Payment Interface

2. Portuguese were the first European to come to India. When did the Portuguese leave India? 

Ans: 1961

3. Who was said to be the last viceroy of India?

Ans: Lord Louis Mountbatten

4 Where is the headquarters of the World Economic Forum?

Ans: Switzerland

5. Where is the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary situated?

Ans: Kerala

6. Who built the Konark Sun Temple?

Ans. Narshimhadeva I  built the Konark Sun Temple.

7. Who is the author of ‘Kalpasutra’? 

Ans. Bhadrabahu penned ‘Kalpasutra ’.

8. Name an alloy of mercury 

Ans. Amalgam

9. Why do stars twinkle? 

Ans. Because of the phenomenon of refraction of light, stars twinkle.

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